The Wall Street Journal (June 2014 — Present)

“France Eliminates Midseason Retail Promotional Periods”

“Vivendi Boss Vows to Complete Media Makeover”

“Stage Fight in France as Artists Strike”

“In Paris, Little Disruption From ‘Silent Strike’ Over Car-Ride Apps”

“Last of Surviving D-Day Veterans Battle Time to Bear Witness”


NY City Lens (Jan. 2014-May 2014)

“Not-So-High Fliers”

“Playing Cops and Robbers”

“Time for a Frozen Dip” (multimedia)

“Where Do Vampires Get Those Teeth?” (multimedia)

“High Notes: When Louis Armstrong Spoke Out” (multimedia)

“The Curious Case of The Disappearing Cats”


Gavel Media Inc. (Sept. 2011-June 2013)

“BC cracks down on BCSSH ‘Safe Sites'”

“Take the risk. Join a startup.”

“You should be getting that beauty rest”

‘They say Insha’Allah there”


The New England Center for Investigative Reporting (May 2012- Aug. 2012)

“Many health apps are based on flimsy science at best, and they often do not work”

(Reported and researched for four months)


Data Work

“Map: One City, Many Stories”

“White House Visitor Logs” (not published, data exercise)

“Extinction of Words in Congressional Records” (not published, data exercise)

“Campaign Message Targeting” (not published, data exercise)



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